Rashtriya Hindu Kalyan Sangathan (RHKS) is a dedicated organization committed to the promotion and propagation of Hinduism’s rich heritage and values. Founded on the principles of compassion, service, and social responsibility, RHKS endeavors to uplift society through various initiatives aimed at fostering spiritual growth, education, social welfare, and humanitarian assistance.

Our Mission

At Rashtriya Hindu Kalyan Sangathan, our primary mission is to spread awareness and understanding of Hinduism’s principles, fostering a sense of pride and cultural identity among individuals. We strive to promote moral education, spiritual enlightenment, and the holistic development of individuals, emphasizing the teachings of Hindu scriptures for a harmonious and progressive society.

Aims and Objectives

  1. Promotion of Hinduism: To spread the essence and teachings of Hinduism, fostering respect, understanding, and harmony among diverse communities.

  2. Education for All: To provide education, especially moral education, to individuals, ensuring they have access to quality learning opportunities, regardless of their socio-economic background.

  3. Welfare Programs: To extend support and relief to destitutes, providing education, healthcare facilities, and marriage assistance to underprivileged families.

  4. Disaster Relief: To promptly respond and provide aid to victims of natural disasters, offering relief measures and rehabilitation support to affected communities.

  5. Healthcare Initiatives: To facilitate access to healthcare services, focusing on preventive care and promoting wellness within communities.

  6. Marriage Assistance: To support financially constrained families by assisting in arranging marriages and providing necessary support for ceremonies.

  7. Community Development: To engage in community-centric activities, fostering unity, empathy, and social cohesion among Hindu communities.

Get Involved

Join us in our pursuit of serving humanity and upholding the values of Hinduism. Your participation, support, and contributions can help us in our mission to make a positive impact on society.

Contact Us

For inquiries, collaborations, or to support our initiatives, please reach out to us at contact@rashtriyahindukalyansangathan.com